About Us

Community of Changemakers!


Metavisionaries is a community of changemakers, thought leaders and industry experts who are committed to providing access to the space economy and frontier technologies to build socially inclusive competency and human capacity required to meet immediate and future sustainability challenges.
We do this through our MetaEduVersity and space campus the Metaship which utilizes web3 and the metaverse combined with our physical SPACE INNOVATION LABS with our partners ICE Cubes. These labs will be strategically placed globally to ensure socially inclusive access to resources, tools and networks of industry experts to build purpose driven organizations focussed on solving sustainability challenges.

Our Approach

A global, interdisciplinary, and immersive learning which fuses the arts, technology, space and frontier technology sciences and entrepreneurship through the metaverse and our physical SPACE INNOVATION LABS.
We utilize web3 and the metaverse as the means through which we distribute and provide access to this knowledge to ensure all communities benefit from socially inclusive networks, learning and access to resources and tools.
Our Global Community and use of frontier technologies
We commit to leveraging our collective networks, experiences, knowledge, creativity, and diversity to help each other achieve our goals, make our IRL world better, while having fun doing it. We believe that technologies can profoundly enhance our society by creating tremendous value to everyone. We are building a future where the next generations could enjoy the benefits of technological developments, and work on bringing more achievements as well as meaning into the world and live happily.

Space Application on Earth

Space for sustainable food solutions
Space and microgravity allow for a better understanding of stress mechanisms of plants and plants adaptation to a new environment never before experienced. Better understanding on plant growth and plant stressors may allow for new varieties more resistant to climate change or to increased plant yield.

Space for climate solutions
Capturing change of our Earth system through observation from space may allow for breakthrough initiatives and ideas related to Earth’s climate.

Space for sustainable material, manufacturing and supply chains solutions
The weightlessness environment of space allows for the formulation of novel and smart materials. Space stimulates manufacturing processes which cannot be achieved on earth, for example for fiber optics, alloys or carbon nanotubes. Knowledge for earth-based advanced processes such as for metal casting or coating is established in space.