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Metavisionaries is a community of changemakers, thought leaders and industry experts who are committed to providing access to the space economy and frontier technologies to build socially inclusive competency and human capacity required to meet immediate and future sustainability challenges.
We do this through our MetaEduVersity and space campus the Metaship which utilizes web3 and the metaverse combined with our physical SPACE INNOVATION LABS with our partners ICE Cubes. These labs will be strategically placed globally to ensure socially inclusive access to resources, tools and networks of industry experts to build purpose driven organizations focussed on solving sustainability challenges.
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Introducing Our
NFT Collection

It is time to build a community of changemakers and bring vision, hope and inspiration to the world.

Metavisionaries STARlaunch collection comprises 10,000 tokens and voyages us through galaxies, to outer space so we experience the world from above, where borders are invisible, where racial, religious and economic strife are nowhere to be seen.
There are no boundaries on our planet except those that we create in our minds or through human behaviors. All the ideas and concepts that divide us when we are on the surface begin to fade from orbit and the moon. The result is a shift in worldview, and in identity.

Created by @Ayesha Mubarak Ali, internationally acclaimed fusion Tech-Artist, each token opens up the heart, sparks a revolution in how people think about themselves, the Earth, and humanity’s place in the universe. The big -picture perspective allows new vision to emerge and inspires us to find a unique voice and be the force for change in the world.

Why Space?

Space and Low Earth Orbit in particular offers unique assets:
  • Little gravity
  • Extreme conditions through space exposure
  • Unique vantage point
  • Limitless inspiration
Space and microgravity allow for a better understanding of stress mechanisms of plants and plants adaptation to a new environment never before experienced. The unique vantage point of space and Low Earth Orbit provides the agricultural community unique perspectives on sustainable crop production and water usage.

Capturing change of our Earth system through observation from space may allow for breakthrough initiatives and ideas related to Earth’s climate. The use of Earth Observation data from space has been used by the mining industry to identify geological features and can also be used for logistic chains or extraction operations

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Our Vision


  • Metaverse Launch Event

    Our commitment to reimagining the Education

    Launch of our first immersive experience in the Metaverse - in June featuring the very first lesson with legendary space scientists, thought leaders and artists. The launch consists of a combination of science, creativity arts and music program that will demonstrate Metavisionaries Metaeduversity’s creative immersive learning experience for its community.
  • Partnering with Qatar University

    To celebrate FIFA World Cup 2022, unique Qatar culture, innovation, leadership and the extraordinary impact it creates in the world.
  • Partnering with ICE Cubes and Space Applications Service

    To make space economy accessible for all and bridge the knowledge gaps by creating programs and initiatives to support Space Education
  • Partnering with International Space University

    In the 34th Edition of the Space Studies Program, the International Space University entered the metaverse for the first time with the Metavisionaries in the ‘Metaship’ for an onsite lecture in the metaverse
  • Launch of Global Sustainability Space Challenge

    Qatar University in partnership with the Metavisionaries, ICE Cubes service, and Space Applications Service are leveraging the momentum of FIFA World Cup happening in Qatar 2022 (the first in history to receive international sustainability certificate) to initiate and launch a Global Business Sustainability Space Challenge 2022 with the goal of launching 5 laboratories, starting from Qatar University, and expanding globally, with the ultimate goal of fostering initiatives aimed at reducing knowledge gaps and improving access to Space Economy
Our Team

Meet The Metavisionaries

Wasim is an entrepreneurial Pharmacist, Certified Visionary Coach, Podcast Host, and TEDx Speaker with a deep interest in the Future of work, AI, Lifelong learning, and creating collaborative opportunities for all communities.

Wasim Ahmad


Former CEO and Founder of Sukoon International Company of Healthcare ( Long Term Care Acute). Board Member of International Medical Center (Tertiary Care Hospital).
Founder and Board Member of SecuTronic specialized in Low-current projects for governments, banks, and industry.

Partner at Hayat Abdul Latif Jameel and company limited.
Ihab has over 30 years of experience guiding business's strategic direction. He founded and co-founded many startups and held notable positions in various companies around the world.

“Metavisionaries are full of positivity, hope, optimism, and resilience. You are the catalyst of a better change in the world " - Ihab Elsamannoudi

Ihab Elsamannoudi


Dr Mohamed has over 30 years of experience in education sector. He has held notable academic and research positions in various universities across USA and the Middle East.

He has established, founded and co-founded many startups and held management positions in several technology-focused companies, working in the innovation sector. His areas of expertise include Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Business Development. He is actively involved in the EdTech sector and has a keen interest in reforming education through frontier technologies. At Metavisionaries, he is actively involved in developing the MetaEduversity in the Metaverse and giving the project overall direction.

Dr. Muhammad


Dr. James (Jim) Green is former NASA’s chief scientist. He received his Ph.D. in physics from the University of Iowa in 1979. He worked at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC) from 1980 to 1985 in the Solar System Division.

From 2006 to 2018, Jim was the director of the Planetary Science Division at NASA Headquarters. He has written more than 115 scientific articles in refereed journals about heliophysics and planetary science and more than 50 technical articles on data systems and networks. In 2015, Jim provided guidance as a part of the NASA collaboration on the film “The Martian”. In 2022, after his retirement from NASA, Jim joined the Metavisionaries team as Chief Scientist pushing the space education program in the metaverse, and starting his podcast in the metaverse.

Dr. James (Jim) Green

Chief Scientist

Dr. Tara is a space scientist and explorer with years of expertise in scientific research. She is also a TED Speaker with interest in empowering people to adapt to novel situations.

She is very much looking forward to bringing you the fantastic science content right from her brain, and the knowledge she has gained during the last twenty years of her career at NASA. And not just her knowledge but the knowledge of other scientists who are passionate about different experiments just like her. Dr Tara is creating the unique content to be shared with you in an immersive environment that allows you to try new things and learn about space or the human body or our oceans the way you have never seen it before.

Dr. Tara Ruttley

Executive Director of Sciences

Hilde’s career started in research with a PhD in plasma-astrophysics. Upon completion she started working with Space Applications Services. Currently working for ~ 20 years in the space sector.

Hilde contributed to the ESA ISS Mission Science Office for a decade. In that function she was part of the science coordination for all disciplines' experiments run on the space station for all participating space agencies. Now Hilde is using her expertise to provide fast and direct access to space for research and technology users through the ICE Cubes (International Commercial Experiments Service) program.

Hilde Stenuit

Board Member

Jovita is a former Executive Director of UNICEF Lithuania with 17 years leadership experience working with the UN projects.

She is passionate about implementing big thinking, impact, compassion, growth at scale, delivering results and purpose driven leadership solutions that she learned at UNICEF to help leaders and forward - thinking governments and companies, innovative non-profits and world changing start-ups globally to master the power of purpose to deliver business growth, create brand value, build communities, movements and social impact.

Jovita Majauskaite

Leadership Strategist & Advisor

Ayesha is an Internationally acclaimed Visual Tech-Artist and Wearable Art Designer / Researcher, focusing on Fusion-art practices.

Her work often explores the synergy between humans and machines, the intersection of technology and identity. By combining sci-fi themes, and the hidden mysteries of fractal worlds, she creates interactive and hybrid experiences through her multi-layered visuals and VR concepts.

She is also the Founder of the Oshii Brownie Phygital Fashion Studio.She has displayed her work at WOW festival, Islington Mill, Mowna Biennale, Be-Fantastic Tech-Art, Forbes Middle East, SAAMA, Express-News, Independent Urdu, E27, DailyTimes etc. Her research is published in the areas of Digital Fashion,Light Pollution and sustainable art practices in international journals.

Ayesha Mubarak Ali

Lead Artist and Creative Director

Omar Samra is an adventurer, entrepreneur, analogue astronaut, and speaker. H e’s passionate about advocating for refugees, climate change, and gender equality.

Omar Samra

Director of Vision & Growth


Ally Salama is a Forbes 30 Under 30 recognized social entrepreneur, ex-pro athlete, keynote speaker and podcaster, and The Middle East’s Mental Health Ambassador.

He founded empower-mag.com, the first Mental Health Magazine in the Middle East, winning Harvard's Top 7 Most Impactful Social Initiatives in 2019, earning recognition from the World Health Organization & the World Federation for Mental Health. He hosts Apple’s #1 Charting Youth Leadership Podcast “Empathy Always Wins” - the world's exclusive leadership and mental health podcast focusing on empathy. Currently living in between Dubai & Toronto, Ally is building his tech mental wellbeing start-up EMPWR and consults government institutions on improving their community engagement and on providing leadership & mental health workshops.

Ally Salama


Spencer Fearon, also known as Mr.Knowledge is a former professional prizefighter turned promoter, with passion for education and change making. He is an established role model and inspirational figure in the British boxing scene.

Spencer Fearon

Sports and Entertainment

Former undefeated WBO World Champion boxer I am an established boxing pundit, event host and motivational speaker. Proud patron of the Brendan Ingle Foundation and an ambassador for Prostate Cancer.

Regularly deliver talks in person and virtually using my own experiences and stories to discuss mindset, motivation, diversity & inclusion. Including companies such as UBS, AMEY, LendLease and Procter & Gamble. Prior to Sky Sports, worked for the BBC across human interest stories and documentaries. As well as boxing, passionate about health & fitness. During pandemic launched BoxPro offering a mix of free (and subscription) boxing workouts and techniques for all levels of fitness. Ensuring all ages and backgrounds can have access to at home fitness. Motto is 'Find A Way' as I genuinely believe that with the right approach, support or mindset, it is possible to overcome a number of business or personal challenges.

Johnny Nelson


Meet Our Former Speakers

Helmi Natto is CEO Dream Productions, winner of King Salman Young Businessman Award.

Helmi Natto

Former Speaker

Professor Rana Sobh - Dean of the College of Business and Economics at Qatar University.

Professor Rana Sobh

Former Speaker

Jim Schuman - Founder of First Pivot.

Jim Schuman

Former Speaker

Professor Mike Ackerman - Professor of Clinical Nursing and Director of Masters of Healthcare Innovation.

Professor Mike Ackerman

Former Speaker

Joshua Murchie - Fellow Griffith University Yunus Center for social impact.

Joshua Murchie

Former Speaker

Mishaal Ashemimry is a Saudi-American Aerospace Engineer, Aerospace Entrepreneur, commercial pilot, speaker and influencer, who was born in the US and spent a few years of her early life in Saudi, where her fascination with space started.

More specifically, she was inspired at the age of six while gazing at the stars in the Unayzah desert. To feed her curiosity, she decided to learn how to build rockets that will enable her to explore space and one day take her there.

Currently, Ashemimry is a consultant in her field and a Professor in the Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department at the University of Miami. Moreover, she is living her passion everyday by educating and inspiring others through conferences, webinars and her social media channels. While based in Miami, Florida, she founded MISHAAL Aerospace at age 26, to pursue her ultimate dream of building rockets. Her company’s objective was to design and build rockets to launch small satellites (500 kg) or less to Low Earth Orbit. Previously, she worked for Raytheon Missile Systems’ Aerodynamics Department and contributed to twenty-two different rocket programs. Her professional experience and areas of expertise include: aerodynamics, wind tunnel testing, vehicle design, predictive simulation and analysis and rocket stage-separation analysis, with a strong focus on computational tool development.

She earned a Master of Science Degree in Aerospace Engineering from Florida Institute of Technology in Melbourne, Florida, and two Bachelor of Science Degrees in Aerospace Engineering and in Applied Mathematics, also from Florida Institute of Technology. Her academic focus included: experimental and analytical aerodynamics, rocket design and nuclear thermal propulsion.

Mishaal Ashemimry

Former Speaker

Dr Irena is a global thought leader and speaker, educator and author of various books and articles. She is the Founder and CEO of the Global Intrapreneurs Institute, founder and organizer of the Australian Intrapreneurs Summit Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Center as well as Editor-in-Chief of Intrapreneur Magazine.

Dr. Irena Shaw

Former Speaker

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