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Metavisionaries is a community of changemakers, thought leaders and industry experts who are committed to providing access to the space economy and frontier technologies to build socially inclusive competency and human capacity required to meet immediate and future sustainability challenges.
We do this through:
Space Innovation Labs (Our Joint venture with SpaceApplications and ICE Cubes-METASPACE)- SPACE INNOVATION LABS with our partners ICE Cubes. These labs will be strategically placed globally to ensure socially inclusive access to resources, tools and networks of industry experts to build purpose driven organizations focussed on solving sustainability challenges.
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Introducing Our
NFT Collection

It is time to build a community of changemakers and bring vision, hope and inspiration to the world.

Metavisionaries STARlaunch collection comprises 10,000 tokens and voyages us through galaxies, to outer space so we experience the world from above, where borders are invisible, where racial, religious and economic strife are nowhere to be seen.
There are no boundaries on our planet except those that we create in our minds or through human behaviors. All the ideas and concepts that divide us when we are on the surface begin to fade from orbit and the moon. The result is a shift in worldview, and in identity.

Created by @Ayesha Mubarak Ali, internationally acclaimed fusion Tech-Artist, each token opens up the heart, sparks a revolution in how people think about themselves, the Earth, and humanity’s place in the universe. The big -picture perspective allows new vision to emerge and inspires us to find a unique voice and be the force for change in the world.

Why Space?

Space and Low Earth Orbit in particular offers unique assets:
  • Little gravity
  • Extreme conditions through space exposure
  • Unique vantage point
  • Limitless inspiration
Space and microgravity allow for a better understanding of stress mechanisms of plants and plants adaptation to a new environment never before experienced. The unique vantage point of space and Low Earth Orbit provides the agricultural community unique perspectives on sustainable crop production and water usage.

Capturing change of our Earth system through observation from space may allow for breakthrough initiatives and ideas related to Earth’s climate. The use of Earth Observation data from space has been used by the mining industry to identify geological features and can also be used for logistic chains or extraction operations

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Press Release

Ageing beyond earth: Oxford opens the UK’s first Space Innovation Lab

Hilde’s career started in research with a PhD in plasma-astrophysics. Upon completion she started working with Space Applications Services. Currently working for ~ 20 years in the space sector.

Hilde contributed to the ESA ISS Mission Science Office for a decade. In that function she was part of the science coordination for all disciplines' experiments run on the space station for all participating space agencies. Now Hilde is using her expertise to provide fast and direct access to space for research and technology users through the ICE Cubes (International Commercial Experiments Service) program.

Hilde Stenuit

Board Member

The UK’s first Space Innovation Lab, dedicated to understanding the effect of space microgravity on the ageing process, opens at the Botnar Institute of Musculoskeletal Sciences, NDORMS, University of Oxford today.

Led by Dr. Ghada Alsaleh, researchers will have direct operational connection to the International Space Station (ISS) to follow their research experiments, in particular on human tissue samples that might provide a better understanding of the mechanisms of ageing, and lead to potential treatments to address age-associated diseases.

As populations around the world are getting older, ageing is becoming one of the most significant societal issues particularly around health and disease. Ageing is characterised by a progressive loss of cellular function, and is associated with various diseases including neurodegeneration, cancer, cardiovascular disorders, and infection. The consequence is not only the impact on quality of life, but also comes with a high medical-economic cost.

Dr. Alsaleh said: ‘The microgravity in space acts as to accelerate the ageing process so provides an excellent platform to investigate the underlying cellular mechanisms that normally occur over a very long period on earth. Our collaboration will help advance our understanding of human physiology and human health on our planet, to potentially find new drugs that can promote healthier ageing.’

The Oxford lab joins a global network of Space Innovation Labs that have been created through a partnership between Metavisionaries (UK) and Space Applications Services (BE). The aim of the partnership is to promote the scientific, industrial, and educational application of the Metaverse and cooperate on related space knowledge transfer.

Wasim Ahmed (CEO of Metavisionaries) said: ‘Space belongs to us all, and it is our shared responsibility to explore its potential for improving human life. Our partnership with Space Applications Services and now the University of Oxford allows us to leverage space microgravity as an untapped frontier for medical research. As Neil Armstrong once said, “Mystery creates wonder and wonder is the basis of man's desire to understand.”'

The inauguration of the lab will be marked by an event at the Botnar Institute with two distinguished speakers and a demonstration of the lab facilities: James Green, former NASA Chief Scientist, and Hilde Stenuit, ICE Cubes (by Space Applications Services) business developer.

James Green said: ‘The establishment of this Space Innovation Lab represents a significant milestone in our quest for knowledge. Harnessing the unique conditions of space to study the intricacies of ageing not only serves our fundamental scientific curiosity, but has the potential to yield insights that could profoundly impact healthcare on Earth. It is indeed a giant leap towards the future of biomedical research.'

Hilde Stenuit said: ‘We are truly excited to unveil the Space Innovation Lab in Oxford as part of the global network. The combination and collaboration of space scientists, of specialists on ageing, of access to space and access to the Metaverse is very synergetic for science, and related innovative applications.’

Omar Samra is an adventurer, entrepreneur, analogue astronaut, and speaker. H e’s passionate about advocating for refugees, climate change, and gender equality.

Omar Samra

Director of Vision & Growth

Our Founders

Meet The Metavisionaries

Wasim Ahmad


Dr. James (Jim) Green


Omar Samra is an adventurer, entrepreneur, analogue astronaut, and speaker. H e’s passionate about advocating for refugees, climate change, and gender equality.

Omar Samra

Director of Vision & Growth

Meet Our Former Speakers

Helmi Natto is CEO Dream Productions, winner of King Salman Young Businessman Award.

Helmi Natto

Former Speaker

Professor Rana Sobh - Dean of the College of Business and Economics at Qatar University.

Professor Rana Sobh

Former Speaker

Jim Schuman - Founder of First Pivot.

Jim Schuman

Former Speaker

Professor Mike Ackerman - Professor of Clinical Nursing and Director of Masters of Healthcare Innovation.

Professor Mike Ackerman

Former Speaker

Joshua Murchie - Fellow Griffith University Yunus Center for social impact.

Joshua Murchie

Former Speaker

Mishaal Ashemimry is a Saudi-American Aerospace Engineer, Aerospace Entrepreneur, commercial pilot, speaker and influencer, who was born in the US and spent a few years of her early life in Saudi, where her fascination with space started.

More specifically, she was inspired at the age of six while gazing at the stars in the Unayzah desert. To feed her curiosity, she decided to learn how to build rockets that will enable her to explore space and one day take her there.

Currently, Ashemimry is a consultant in her field and a Professor in the Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department at the University of Miami. Moreover, she is living her passion everyday by educating and inspiring others through conferences, webinars and her social media channels. While based in Miami, Florida, she founded MISHAAL Aerospace at age 26, to pursue her ultimate dream of building rockets. Her company’s objective was to design and build rockets to launch small satellites (500 kg) or less to Low Earth Orbit. Previously, she worked for Raytheon Missile Systems’ Aerodynamics Department and contributed to twenty-two different rocket programs. Her professional experience and areas of expertise include: aerodynamics, wind tunnel testing, vehicle design, predictive simulation and analysis and rocket stage-separation analysis, with a strong focus on computational tool development.

She earned a Master of Science Degree in Aerospace Engineering from Florida Institute of Technology in Melbourne, Florida, and two Bachelor of Science Degrees in Aerospace Engineering and in Applied Mathematics, also from Florida Institute of Technology. Her academic focus included: experimental and analytical aerodynamics, rocket design and nuclear thermal propulsion.

Mishaal Ashemimry

Former Speaker

Dr Irena is a global thought leader and speaker, educator and author of various books and articles. She is the Founder and CEO of the Global Intrapreneurs Institute, founder and organizer of the Australian Intrapreneurs Summit Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Center as well as Editor-in-Chief of Intrapreneur Magazine.

Dr. Irena Shaw

Former Speaker

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